about us


Hidden Life Foundation (HLF) is the first social organization in Nepal founded to help release those unjustly put in prison. HLF works with those who have been ordered to pay small fines, but due to their financial situation, these people cannot afford to pay immediately, and are quickly put in prison. However, even after serving their jail sentence, many poor people still have to suffer/stay in jail because they cannot pay the bail amount. HLF works with those in a critical economic condition to pay their bail so they can return to their families as many of the people HLF help are the principal carers and income earners for their family, and without them, their family will suffer greatly. No other organization works with these people, and thus we are the only hope for those kept in jail beyond their sentence for being unable to pay their bail due to desperate financial circumstances.

HLF also commits to improving the hygiene, facilities and living standards of those in the prison system of Nepal through donations of basic equipment such as water tanks, clothes and shoes. Furthermore, upon securing release of prisoners, HLF equips and trains individuals in basic social and employment skills so they can further the quality of life of themselves and their families.

The HLF has also created care centers for released prisoners. The main aim of these centers is to provide proper income generating skills to men and women who were once a prisoner and now wish to pursue a life away from crime. A founding pillar of the HLF is to resettle people into society and enable them to lead an independent life through various income generating skills for both men and women who aim to live a life respectfully.

HLF has so far helped secure the release of 100 prisoners in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Palpa, Butwal and Dhulikhel. We have also donated Water tanks, Pump Sets, Clothes, made toilets in different prisons of Nepal, wheelchairs to the disabled, a water tank to a women prison in Sundhara and started a care centre for women in Thasikhel.