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About Hidden Life

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Hidden Life Foundation is the first social organization in Nepal founded to help release those unjustly put in prison. HLF works with those who have been ordered to pay small fines, but due to their financial situation, these people cannot afford to pay immediately, and are quickly put in prison. However, even after serving their jail sentence, many poor people still have to suffer in jail because they cannot pay the bail amount. HLF works with those in a critical economic condition to pay their bail so they can return to their families as many of the people HLF help are the principal carers and income earners for their family. Donate now to help people who have a right to be released from prison, and to be reunited with their family.

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HLF works on a range of programs that you can get involved in.
From our care centres to special volunteering days where volunteers can visit prisons to give hope to inmates that cannot afford bail. There is something for everyone at HLF. Keep an eye on our social media, check our events section or simply just email us to get involved with HLF.

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